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Grateful Sunday #8 - A Spring Sabbath Gift-day

Today I am grateful for a leisurely Sunday morning when all three were cooperative and ready for church, not just on time, but an hour early. How often does THAT happen?

We took a beautiful spring walk together, then came inside and Jay wanted to work on bullet journal planners together. His devolved into drawing otters, heart trees and angel otters. I'm grateful for that, too.

I'm grateful for the fantastic storm front that passed just barely over us but mostly to the west. So dramatic, so much excitement!

I'm grateful for the three hawks that have been hanging around our house for the past week.

I'm grateful for time to color and talk with Robin and Jay about their Primary lessons and the scriptures.  I'm grateful for the way they were patient with their baby brother. I'm grateful for the nice comments they made on the casserole I threw together last night.
For so many little things that just added up today, I am both grateful and humbled. I look forward to S…

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