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Grateful Sunday #6

In the deep of midwinter, I watch for her.

She does not let the unpredictable changes  of Southern winters daunt her. She might have bloomed too early; she might be covered in snow and ice in a week,  where today some gardeners are tempted  to start turning early soil.
But she, the first spring daffodil,  does not wonder about anyone's timing except her own. She knows her strength. She chooses when to bless the world with the winter sunshine  of her indefatigable courage. She knows her place,  and keeps her peace,  and gathers her strength all year, preparing for this moment to bloom when all the rest of her world seems to say, "Impossible!"

And to the gray of winter, she announces,

"I am here.  I am strong. I am not defeated.
And neither, friend, are you."

Be well, and enjoy the sunshine --Kathryn

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