Color Mondays: Soothing Succulents Colorway

After a 2-week bout with flu (and who hasn't dealt with it this year?), I'm more in the mood for something soothing as Color Monday rolls around.  Usually cool colors I prefer to wear, as when sewing a dress or skirt.  But for some reason they just do not figure frequently in my quilting, tending as I do toward warm browns and greens (surprise, surprise!).  Perhaps that will change, though, since today these lovely succulents really hit the spot for me:
The plant is hen-and-chicks.  We saw lots of different varieties of these beautiful succulents flourishing during our time in Texas.  I'm told they have herbal health benefits, which I'll have to look into another time.  If I find out they are a cure-all for flu, I might just have to head-smack in hindsight.
Happy thoughts for a wonderful week ahead!

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