Crepe Myrtle Move

And there it is! We worked in some amendments (10-10-10, super phosphate) and compost and the guys helped me cover it over.  A little further into the season I plan on a load of pine straw, but for now it will be fine.

I worked in a lot of last year's compost in the hole left where the myrtle used to be.  Opening up so much new sunny garden space does make me a little giddy with possibilities.

I think I may start this new plot with a crop of early teff or barley, followed up by a late summer corn.  Then again, it would also be great for some winter squash.  I'm setting in some cinder blocks around the edges for weed control and path clarity, but I wound up three short.  I hate to pay for new ones, so I'll just wait until I find a few more to salvage here and there.

What little troopers these guys are.  They shoveled hard, had fun, and smooshed every grub.  We even found a cicada still in its underground shell, but put it back before I got a picture.  These two have earned a park outing for sure.  Tomorrow the weather will turn again, reminding us it is still January, after all.

I'm glad we got this tree moved during such a perfect window of opportunity.

The coming rain will help the tree, and our new plot will have time to compost and settle for a few more weeks.  I'll give it a little time, but those strawberry plants I mentioned earlier will go around the base, along with some perennials (still to be determined).

Starting tomorrow I will be more than ready for some less backbreaking projects, though.  
Preferably involving fabric.

For now, keep calm and shovel on!


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