Garden Cleanup, Part 1

The obnoxious weather finally lifted yesterday, allowing us some great time
together outside in the sunshine for garden cleanup.
DH and the boys (here named Robin and Jay, and scheduled to make their special debut very soon)
dug a nice hole in the side yard for transplanting a crepe myrtle
that's in the way of productive garden space in the back. 
I'll be sad to lose the microclimate it created come July and August, but after working around it for a whole season I decided a move is in both our best interests.
The plan is to make the crepe myrtle a foundation plant for a permaculture bed on the side that requires a lot less maintenance from me.  Strawberries and some asparagus in large pots are looking really attractive for that reason.  I traded Etsy help with another local gardener who has 20+ strawberry plants waiting for me whenever I am ready.  I'm all for bartering--especially where plants and/or fabric are involved.
Meanwhile, I went and finally got my own wheelbarrow yesterday--6 cubic feet and a NON-FLAT TIRE!  I can't wait to put this baby to work because, let's be honest: If you skimp on garden tools, you wind up making it up in Ibuprofen.
So, about that transplanting hole.  These kids sure love dirt--and I mean
A LOT...

Still, there's something primal and satisfying about making a great big hole in the ground.  They were all three happy guys.  Tomorrow we will begin soil conditioning and I'll turn the compost again.
Looking through my photos, I realized that this late winter garden cleanup on bluebird days has been a favorite family tradition for a long time.  Children naturally make a game of what they see their grown-ups doing, and when that is yard-work and cleaning, I find they are often eager to try.
Here are some old photos of Robin, before we had even put in the garden beds.  See how much they grow after only a few seasons!

Ready, set, dig!
Best wishes for a happy week ahead,

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