Midwinter Browns Blues

It's the middle of bleak midwinter here, and after a week of truly frozen ground the last of my winter crops are all but gone.  Once the cold and flu season lifts from our little corner, I'm hoping to get out and save what I can of the kohlrabi, collards, carrots and other hardy survivors.  Every time I bundle up to take out the compost, I give them my regards and heartfelt respect.
For the most part though, I'm looking out and dreaming of how it was only a few months ago:
A lush, green haven in mid-August, when nearly everything grew over my head and the kids played daily in our own private jungle.
And then I have to remind myself, after all the earth needs awhile to relax, too.  The garden beds are brown and forlorn in comparison to the abundance of September, but they are taking a needed break so that we can be ready to start growing together again in spring.  These blues will pass.
Having found a fantastic winter garden resource through one of my favorite seed suppliers, Bountiful Gardens, I'd like to share for future reference:  Winter Gardening Information Sheet
In the meantime, I'll look over my seed catalogs for the hundredth time, and get to work on a stack of quilt tops that really need to be finished before some friends welcome their new arrivals.
So... what do you do to beat the midwinter gardener's blues?


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