Quilt Finish: Tucson Tracks Pattern AND...

As I come to think of it, this was my first pieced quilt.  Technically.  Why? Because I actually followed the instructions for the duration of the whole project. Whew!

 I made up for it later, and true to form I have quite a few improv quilt tops ready and waiting to be finished.

 Following a pattern has never been my strong suit.  And don't even get me started on recipes, because I may be a lost cause when it comes to that NEED to *just tweak it a little teeny tiny bit*. But, after this finish I suppose I'm feeling a little more inclined.  Maybe this was good for self-discipline.

 Robin and Jay love this one and were very excited to see fabrics that I also used in each of their bedquilts.

I backed this one in turquoise flannel. It has proven so free-motion friendly and has a perfect comfortable feel.


Last but not least, look out, because around here we know exactly how to play with scraps!


 Robin, the veggie-loving reader, builder, climber and engineer.

And the dashing blue Jay: he's fast, he's helpful, and he's disarmingly, charmingly clever.

Look for these two superguys soon in their very own original comics.  The fun just continues!

On to another exciting day,

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