Quilt Finish: World Map

This panel was just too good to pass up. As a home school family we take every opportunity to make our living environment a playful and responsible learning environment.  We shy away from battery operated toys in favor of creative learning play and hands-on involvement in practical life skills.  The more Robin & Jay are exposed to, the more they absorb.

With this simple quilt we can take imaginary trips, put animals on their correct continents, discuss north and south, languages spoken, identify the birthplaces of our favorite ethnic music, watch documentaries on certain regions... The ideas just go on and on. For just $6 for the panel and an hour and a half of my time, I really think this map will be a fun addition to our daily learning games.

 Robin himself asked if he could help sew it.  He has been very careful with his tapestry needle so far, so we'll see if he's ready for the real thing yet.  Something tells me he won't have the patience for helping to bind the whole thing, but with plenty of supervision I'm happy to let him try.

Round the world in just over 80 minutes over here this afternoon!

Best to all, always.

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