Color Mondays: Coneflower Palette and Watercolor

Record cold here means lots of indoor time with Robin and Jay.
It's been a great couple of weeks and yet I am really itching to get outside with them again.
For Color Mondays, here's a nice white coneflower.  Many people who grow these have no idea that they are also a powerful herbal healing remedy.  I love herbal landscaping.
Meanwhile, here's my watercolor inspired by the reference photo above:

Still a work in progress, obviously.
I love painting, but it does get a bit stressful even for me, leaving paints out while I drop the brush to go take care of something.  There are lots of things I love to let the boys help with, so usually when I paint they do, too.  I know it looks silly to leave it so close to finished on the background, but there was an emergency involving blue paint and Berber carpet..... Eventually I gave up.
That carpet is going to be history one day, anyway.

I think once I finish all the washes I'll do some pen and ink detail work.
Happy creating, whatever your medium may be!

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