Color Mondays: Fine Art Reds

This week I'll take a quick detour away from the vintage seed catalogs for Color Monday.  I've turned instead to some favorite fine art for help in dealing with a color that I need to work with more:

Yes, Georgia, you said it.  And didn't apologize for it.  That's right:


I'd like to think I'm bold enough for it in real life.
For a very special piano student, I shall have to try, because I intend a surprise for her before she leaves to start her own music school journey.  Red and black.  Oh, my.
I'm still not sure I'm ready.  But Jennie's example may help me work up to it.

For now, here's another palette built off of a classic Cezanne, including that intimidating first color of the light spectrum:

So, the question is... how brave am I, really?

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