Jay joins in: Dinosaur quilt finish

You might not think a three year old could be ready to work on fabric himself, but with supervision here is my Jay sewing his own quilt:

He picked out his own fabrics at the store.  Just two was the rule.  I supplemented the jungle leaves, which were leftover from the backing of his previous quilt.  Those dinosaurs are pretty roaring awesome, if you ask me.

This project of course did not happen all at once, but children want to be involved in things WITH you.  Jay sewed about 2/3 of the straight seams on this quilt. He helped *very carefully* with the rotary cutting and loved snipping threads.

Yes, it took a good deal of extra time and the outcome isn't perfect. But that is not what any of this is about, is it?

You know what it's about, really:

That's right.  So find ways to include them whenever and in whatever ways you can.  Messes may happen.  But so may something magical.


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