Vintage Seed Catalog Coloring Page - Bolgiano & Son 100th Anniversary Vegetables - Vintage Garden Ephemera

This is my digital sketch version of a vintage seed catalog cover.  It is to be the first of a collection of these coloring pages, especially good for the meditative gardener and older children.  Click on the image to access a larger version for saving and printing.
I've worked the crosshatching so that you will find it easy to know how to correctly shade each fruit or vegetable for a really lovely result.  Coloring is a great activity to do with your kids, and it's always nice to have a coloring page that challenges you a little bit, too.
As a reference, here is the original vintage seed catalog cover image, courtesy of the Smithsonian's extensive public domain databases:
Have a wonderful day and here's to blue skies and clear planting weather soon!

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