Moss Growing Tip and Color Palette

Spring kicks into high gear at lightning speed here.  As in, one week it's highs of 40's and the next we're up into the 70's regularly.  That's not to say that April doesn't send surprises our way, but we always hope otherwise and put plants in the ground anyway.
I've been spending most of my time outdoors as a result and have rearranged quite a few of my garden beds.  NOT an easy task.  But I've been watching sun/shade patterns and prevailing winds for over two years now and I think these changes will help me move forward toward the more permanent set up I'd like to put in place eventually.
A few quilts have seen progress of late though, and I'll post them soon.
For now, here is my "Irish" palette for Color Monday:
I actually established a good deal of moss this past week.  It is so easy (mix some in the blender with buttermilk, and pour it where you want the moss to grow.  Trick courtesy of my Gran).  We have a hillside that just does not like to stay put and I hate spending money on grass seed.  Moss is my friend over there and is SOOOO barefoot friendly.
Now I must away again.  The garden chores are calling!
Happy St. Patrick's Day and Spring weather to all,

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