Color Monday: Welcome to Azalea Country

For Color Monday this week, welcome to my front yard!
Nothing says paradise quite like a rain-washed Southern spring with azaleas blooming all around.  We have festivals.  We go outside between every rainstorm.  It's just the best time of year for this area, the time when we fall in love with our climate all over again--the magical time before summer's heat sets in and makes us forget.
If you ever visit the South, visit in April.
Here are just a few more views of my work out front this season.  The fertilizing really paid off for our azaleas this year.  The camellias are very healthy also and would have been in bloom earlier, but I had to do some drastic pruning last fall and so they have not been peak yet.  Camellias are their own world of care, like roses.  My grandfather had the touch; I'm hoping I'll eventually grow into it too.

After having to remove a diseased and yellow-jacket infested old oak from our front corner last summer, all the shade-loving grass and hostas of the front yard got baked in the direct summer sun.  The shrubs are coping well, but I am relocating the blue hostas and many others under the camellia tree and shade from our red maple.  It's made the walkway and driveway look so much more welcoming and "finished", where before there was only a dirt triangle from Robin and Jay's bike races to and fro.  I used scrap bricks from around the yard to line this bed, so they coordinate with the color and weathering of the house.

Plenty of divided daffodils hidden in there, too.  Come next year it should be glorious.
Did you know daffodils represent chivalry and are the national symbol of Wales?  It is so apropos, since in all my free time (cough cough) I am slowly picking up pieces of this beautiful and historic language.  I was thrilled last week to learn of new marginalia discoveries through special imaging of the original manuscript of the Black Book of Caermarthen.  History, medieval comic doodles, poetry--what's not to love?

These cool-colored hostas and sweet potato vine will hopefully balance the vigorous sunshine-loving vegetable garden across the driveway soon.  Busy times!

All the best from azalea country,



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