Quilt Finish: A Dozen Unruly Roosters

Now, I told you that I had not been idle on the inside projects on Monday's post about Phlox.
I intend to prove it over the next few days.
I had been saving up a lot of quilt binding finishes, in case we came back with some negative test results that would have led to a very different spring activity schedule for all of us.  Had that been the case, the only productive things I expected to do would have been with a needle or a pen for quite a few weeks.
Thankfully that has not been the case, and so I have finished binding up all of these that were waiting all winter to get done.  But it works out well that way too because, seriously--who really wants to go out and photograph quilts in 20-degree wind-chill anyway?

This is the finished version of my rooster quilt, previewed on this post about free-motion wood-graining.  I tend to work very dense quilting and, given my penchant for realism in all things botanical whenever possible, I really wanted the real-wood look to be a major part of the design in this quilt.  I avoided quilting the rooster lily blocks at all, in fact.  I may go back another time and do some hand-stitching around the motifs, but for now I love how the muslin takes on an entirely new character through the quilting.

I did try some twin-needle quilting around the edges.  I has a nice look except that I couldn't get the feed differential quite right, so there are some puckers about.  I decided not to worry over it too much, since I was going for a rustic, organic look anyway.  I could also get away with it by saying it looks crinkly and adds character.
You may judge me if you like, of course, but after all that faux-bois work my hands were aching and I was just ready to move on to another project.  I love how this one came together overall though.  It was completely off-the-cuff.  I didn't even measure my triangles.  THAT is how unruly, how haphazard I can be (when vexed).  I should feel guilty, I know.  But just look at those roosters.  They already know they're sleek.  They didn't need any more encouragement.

Actually, I just sort of did as they said...
I guess they knew well enough how to rule their own roost, after all.
Now I'll bind it up and quit crowing for another day...


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