Quilt Finish: Orange and Aqua Baby Blanket

Quilt pattern: "Charlotte" from 3x the Charm.
I liked this pattern well enough, but I have learned by now that I just do not really like working with small pieces and squares.  I prefer a larger basic block unit size, so I may adjust this one to work with layer cake and charm pack sizes.

I really like the lattice effect, so I quilted that portion of the design in freehand vines.

I also decided to go bold and use an orange bobbin on the bottom.  I love quilting over flannel, but this tone-on-tone gray was really delightful under the fingers.

This quilt really allowed me to use up a lot of extra scraps and 5x5's laying around, so that's a plus every time.  I have a number of ideas for where this little baby might be headed to her next happy home.  I enjoyed this color scheme too, because it doesn't tie itself to a particular gender.  Very handy to have on hand, indeed!
Happy afternoon to all,

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