Alpine Swift Watercolor

I have been outside almost nonstop the past few days working on the garden or other necessary projects, so I haven't gotten as much time for art projects as I would like.  But here is a sketch I've been working on in the evenings to just wind down a bit.  It's an alpine swift--this picture shows the pencil under-drawing and first watercolor washes.
Something about paint palettes has always fascinated me.  Maybe it's my partial synesthesia coming into play, but I can hardly help myself.  I take a picture of my palette almost every time.
It was only recently that I realized not every poet sees colors for vowels or considers different textures of consonants.  To me, English has very disjunct sound-colors that need to be managed carefully in poetry.  Welsh has a far different color scheme with all its aspirations and mutations, as opposed to German, Latin or French.  I didn't know until recently that there are at least 15 described variants of partial synesthesia and I have at least 5-7 of them.
Needless to say, color is something I take seriously.
It affects everything for me.  Everything.

But I digress.  The "swift" pencil layout before first watercolor wash:

I started this little guy as practice because I'm gearing up to work on the wall murals in Robin and Jay's room once more.  In there, there are no mistakes allowed.  My next two are a red-form Eastern screech owl for "O" and an uber-cool Red-eyed Tree Frog for "T".  I think I'll paint some aspen or birch trees on the other side of "T".  The room features a lot of different birds because Jay has been interested in birds from the start, just like his mama.  We're reading a fantastic book right now called "Have you Heard the Nesting Bird?".  He's getting more and more interested in reading as a result.  Hooray!
Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend,

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