Of Watermelon and Mark Twain

Good afternoon!  While the garden is baking to perfection outside today (and I'm wondering if I might just harvest pre-steamed vegetables tomorrow morning), I thought I'd share a fun moment from earlier this month, when Jay harvested his first watermelon.

Jay is in the habit of commandeering the largest plants in the garden and annexing them into an assorted collection called "his" garden.  As long as he helps me take care of them, I'm fine with that.
I have even caught him going out to tell the plants he loves them and he's proud of them.

And so he can be, because his first watermelon had to be cut in half for us to weigh it.

It weighed in at 14 pounds.

Weighing our produce is a big deal to the boys, and besides having the practical benefit of letting me chart how much yield I get from each cultivar and when, it is also great math practice for the young apprentices.
It helps to have practical reasons WHY to learn something so that you have an incentive to do so!

That, and it's fun.  When was the last time you held a 7lb serving of watermelon?
And snarfed it in the backyard?
And spit seeds to heart's content?

Which brings to mind Mark Twain's quip that, whatever it was, the Forbidden Fruit of Eden was assuredly NOT a ripe Southern watermelon.  When asked how he knew, he answered,
"We know because they repented."

With that I leave you, as Jay is investigating the fascinations of an even feed walking foot and Robin asks help engineering an airplane.
Fun times await around here always!

Choose a marvelous day,

PS--(I'll be posting a series of my harvest logs and charts for free download next week, so stay tuned!)

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