Graduation Quilt for the Student of a Lifetime

Well, there she is, on her way.

The best student I ever had the privilege to work with, and I wish her well.
After ten years, I've seen her grow and yet remain true to herself.

She's harvested over 100 lbs of sunchokes with me in November,
planted at 50 daffodils and divided as many two seasons in a row,
played with and watched Robin and Jay grow.

She's gone from a pesky, sassy farm-girl in bright yellow wellies every week to a quirky and mature young lady I am happy to call my friend and piano student.

She's joined me in all kinds of crazy endeavors, from the semi-retired Etsy studio (I just can't run it without her, she was that productive) to making herbal throat lozenge lollipops.

Robin and Jay love her like part of the family.  When we went to her farm, they insisted on wearing her favorite color, because "Liz Loves Lime!"

So, naturally, it had to make a tasteful appearance in her quilt as well.
She has worked so hard, and I know she will continue to.  I simply could not let her go, though,
without something special to remember us by.

This quilt incorporates so many running jokes between us (and after all this time, we have plenty!).

Liz knows I have a dislike for  aversion to  near-phobia in regards to most zebra prints.  It's not that I'm averse to the animal itself or to fur in general, although I would never buy or wear even fake fur.  It's just that a big zebra print is usually a warning-flag to me--sometimes of tackiness, sometimes of diva behavior.  Or at the very least of mascara, which I detest.  Liz knows all of this, and laughs.
So, naturally, I had to include zebra print too.

The fleurs-de-lis are a symbol of courage as she goes out into the world on her own--not just college but everything that comes after.  I hope this quilt will comfort her during the transitional college years and many other times during her life.

There are music notes, but they don't overpower--because our time together has been about much more than just making music.

It's been about refining oneself.

Music is just the mode.
And so, after a decade of learning together, I think that about wraps it all up.

Well done, dear Liz--and best of luck always.

Your ever-proud and supportive


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