Midsummer Garden Tour: Front Garden for Birdwatching

I know.  I'm a month late or more.  I promised a midsummer tour though,
and here it is, all as it was at the end of June.  When things change every day it is difficult to keep track, and July skipped by.

To start off, the gladiolus were simply brilliant.  This one reminds me of raspberries on cheesecake:

The front garden walk will continue to slowly evolve towards the vision I have for it.  Meantime, it's doing well for its first season.  More variegated liriope will balance on the right side around the azalea next spring.

The cliome makes show-stopping pink-and-white fireworks atop the hill.  This plant is vivacious and defies even the cruelest Southern heat.  While it can take over quickly, the hummingbirds, bees and butterflies do love it, so it has a place all around my yard.  It can take a drastic pruning, branch out yet again and keep on blooming right up until cool weather moves in.

Rudbeckia and echinacea make terrific (and useful) perennials together.
The goldfinches are especially fond of these.

Once more, all together:

And that's the front garden tour at midsummer.  
I hope you enjoyed it, and will return for the (I think) far more interesting back garden tour soon!

Be well,

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