The Whimsical Naturalist - Child's Quilt - Goshen Star

Introducing my latest big quilt finish.  I've decided to call it the Whimsical Naturalist because, while I adore all things botanical or entomological (except spiders, no thank you), this panel set had a particularly charming whimsy.  My especial favorite is the very handsome luna moth, but there are also the dashing Mr. Toad, ladybird beetles and bilberry bees.
I remember plenty of times as a child and now with my own children, capturing bugs in jars and watching their antics as they try to escape.  And there are now fond memories of our first spring ladybug release party last April.

But this quilt does not stop in our own garden.  It has headed now to its forever home, with a very dear cousin.  Their family also shares a deep love of the outdoors, and I hope they will enjoy many happy family picnics, forts and reading-time snuggles with this fun but gentle child's quilt.

The patchwork block is called a Goshen star, and is a historic block dating back at least to the early 1900s.  I like the unexpectedness of this star block, as opposed to your traditional lilies.  I thought something a little different would fit the whimsy of this quilt well.  If you're interested in the Goshen star pattern, you can find it over at Quilter's Cache.

I bound this one with forest green and echo-quilted the stars.  The tendril vines in the wide lattice are understated so as not to distract from the other elements.

Be well wherever you are,


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