New Dreamweaver Spring Quilt and Brand-new Tula Pink Book GIVEAWAY

There's nothing like cutting out a brand new quilt in time with the vernal equinox, is there?
This one is positively unashamedly and exclusively for me.
It's a little shabby-chic, it's gentler than most of my other colors and designs, it's pulling together at least 26 different fabrics.  Yep, that's right.  And they're not from a precut collection.
I'm cutting her out in style. 
Well, LDS style....
Every one of these fabrics has made its way into my stash because I just loved it.
I have a passion for botanicals, and no surprise there.  I've also grown on butterflies but only in very special circumstances, usually when they are entomologically least, more or less.
And wood-grain?  Let me at it.

I was pretty bummed when Moda's Lush Uptown collection was finally gone. 
I was equally thrilled when they reintroduced many of the same concept fabrics in Erin Miller's newer line, Purebred.  The painter's palette is one of my favorites.  I splurged on a yard a few months ago.  See it in there?

The pattern for this quilt is Tula Pink's Dreamweaver quilt, which I used for a harvest quilt awhile back that is still one of my very favorites.  I didn't use Tula's colors or even her fabrics, just the layout:
I love how this pattern can pull together multiple colors and ideas without losing its integrity OR necessitating cutting into a beautiful fabric design too much. 
I like big swatches best, as an almost exclusive rule.  Cringe every time I cut through a gorgeous flower or worse--a rotary cut right across some poor woodland creature.  Sad, sad.
But to share the fun, I'm going to host a giveaway of Tula's book, Quilts From the House of Tula Pink.  It's a brand-new copy and unmarked.  I know you'll love it as much as I do!!  This giveaway will last until I finish this spring Dreamweaver quilt and post its completion here.  Enter with a comment and follow for updates.  You can link the giveaway for your friends, of course.  Simple!
Have a beautiful beginning to your spring!
Be well,

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