Wendell Wednesday: An Introduction

Good afternoon! 
I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite authors,
whose poetry and other work will be a frequent feature here from now on.
As I find other writers whose perspectives and ideas are similar, or non-profit
organizations to highlight, those may also take a spot on my new weekly post for
Wendell Wednesday.
For an excellent biography and introduction to this remarkable man, you can read
Photo by Guy Mendes
Here is a brief quote from Skinner's article:
"He is the sum of his beliefs. And those beliefs arise from a longstanding tradition most fully expressed in the American family farm, a self-sustaining economic enterprise that reinforced familial bonds and human obligations to the natural environment. The word husbandry, in his usage, combines the commitments of a spouse with the responsibilities of the farmer to his land and his animals. And what care the farmer bestows on the land and his livestock may even be reciprocated in due time.
Berry is more than a naturalist. He personifies an American school of thought that was notable, but also contested, in the founding generation. In the debate that set Thomas Jefferson against Alexander Hamilton—and rural farms against cities, and agriculture against banking interests—Berry stands with Jefferson. He stands for local culture and the small family farmer, for yeoman virtues and an economic and political order that is modest enough for its actions and rationales to be discernible. Government, he believes, should take its sense of reality from the ground beneath our feet and from our connections with our fellow human beings. And it should have a better sense of proportion: Its solutions should be equal to its problems and should not beget other problems."
 Photo by Kathryn Ritter
Sheep-shearing day at Brattonsville, April 2016

And if you are ready to learn more about his life and work,
here is a link to the official Wendell Berry website,
where you can even listen to a podcast of him reading 6 of his poems.

I truly hope you will take some time to familiarize yourself with Wendell Berry's work.
If you are at all interested in sustainability, homesteading, gardening, ethics, local food,
community improvement, global climate change--this is a writer you really need to read.
So I hope you will join me each Wednesday from now on,
reading articles, quotes, poetry and other tidbits to help us all with our
perspective and long-term planning goals.
Be well and enjoy the sunshine,

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