Fabric Tuesday #276: Springweaver Quilt top

Here for a flimsy finish of my Springweaver quilt.
I've used Tula Pink's Dreamweaver pattern,
but my quilt top is wider and longer, so it will be either a low-hanging XL twin
or, turned sideways, a functional king coverlet.
I can't hang this top anywhere high enough by myself to show the entirety,
but you'll get the idea.
Please pardon my messy garden in the background.
This 32-week Work-in-Progress will
still have me slowed down until July!
Super bright light has washed out the pinks, aquas and mints.
This top is bright, not nearly so brown.
Linking up to Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday #276 this week.
Hopefully I'll be back soon with a bag finish for Jay, for him to use on his
extended "campout" with the GP's in a few weeks while I'll be a little busy.
Before you go, hop over to the Tula Pink book book giveaway.
Still open until this particular quilt is finished.
Be well and thank you for visiting!

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