May is for Makers Week 2: Happy Quilting Moroccan Lullaby & Summer Sampler 2016

My second #MayisforMakers pattern this month is
Moroccan Lullaby from Happy Quilting on Craftsy.
The openness of this pattern really appealed to me.
As much as I love blocks, sometimes a more flowing overall design
that is open and relaxing is just what I want.
A design with room to breathe...
Hey, I like my space.
Someone might argue that sometimes I need a few acres, to which
I would readily agree.  Sure, let's go! 
Somewhere in the hills of VA would be awfully nice. 
Wouldn't it be great to have a finished barn in the middle of your garden,
to do your quilting in when you were done with the morning's work?!
Anyone else?  Just me?
Oh come on, I'd have a utility sink to wash up in first...
With my current mission to end the fall-and-wintery quilt overabundance
and dearth of warm-weather quilts, Moroccan lullaby just fit the ticket perfectly.

I've also joined in the Freshly Pieced Summer Sampler QAL, and can't wait to get started.

Probably this summer, after baby H's arrival, my sewing will mostly
be on the Meadow Mystery QAL and the Freshly Pieced QAL,
but hopefully with my two helpers around we'll be able to manage just fine :).
They are SO excited for another brother.
Have a fantastic week and be well wherever you are,

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